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Contact us. +44 (0) 1463 490089 Eco-Steam Clean UK

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At ESC we go that extra mile to provide a first class clean/valet for your vehicle, using the fantastic industrial Optima Steamer™ machines we not only provide a thorough exterior clean, but also a pretty impressive interior valet too.

Our optima steamer is a revolutionary powerful and environmentally friendly vapour steam cleaning machine it quickly and effectively removes dirt, stains, grease, brake dust & stubborn tar without the use of harsh chemicals.

The most effective eco car cleaning method around ESC.

The Optima Steamer makes light work of anything you can think of with our variable high pressure system which can generate up to 240 degrees to remove even the most stubborn of stains.

We offer a service called engine carbon cleaning. This  service offers a internal clean on your engine (petrol or diesel) cleaning, inlet manifold, turbo and inter cooler if fitted, egr valve, combustion chamber, cylinders, pistons, valves, injectors etc. and will also help condition your catalytic converter or DPF. This is a non evasive non abrasive procedure and only requires putting a tube in the air filter. This service takes 30 minutes to 1 hour and is suitable for 2- stroke and four stroke engines on everything from lawn mowers to trucks.

Benefits are clean running engine, lower emissions, improved performance, improved fuel economy, reduce smoke to name just a few. You can have this service as often as you like to keep your engine in tip top condition. We also offer the service to garages. And can provide the equipment for garages to offer the service themselves.

Engine Carbon Solutions provide low emissions solutions and engine carbon cleaning. We manufacture products here in the UK like engine carbon cleaning machines, and hydrogen on demand systems. These reduces emissions, improve fuel economy and can lower your running costs dramatically.

Contact us Contact us. +44 (0) 1862 328100 Engine Carbon Solutions

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Using your sim and your phone - yes, the one you have will do. Just download the app, purchase as many landline numbers, anywhere in the world* that you want, select which package suits you best - and that's it!

Outside of it delivering the highest quality crystal clear calling and 99.8% connectivity, it is truly versatile, with both GSM and VoIP calling capabilities, switchboard integration and is 100% operator independent.

MyTomChat has been designed to morph into a myriad of different guises: company, school , college or hotel.

Because the Worldmobile Solution's patent pending Caller App switch is actually doing all the work, we are able to offer additional features never before seen on mobile calls like the Replicall service

(Replicall - verb: to repeat, duplicate or reproduce a phone number when making a phone call - replacing the originating phone number with a copy of another one)

Contact us Contact us. +34 66 863 7014 MyTomchat & Worldmobile Solutions

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Affiliates of VCS Scotland

Eco-Steam Clean, UK

Engine Carbon Solutions

Worldmobile Solutions & MyTomChat

If you’d like to become affiliated with VCS Scotland or any of our partners and affiliates please contact us at VCS Scotland Email: info@vcs-scotland.com

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