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News: 2018 MOT changes VCS Scotland

DPF Cleaning

At VCS Scotland we have a new way of cleaning the DPF fitted to your vehicle, 1st we carry out a full diagnostic test to determine what the problem is before we start any work.

Once we have determined wither or not your vehicle requires the DPF to be cleaned we carry out the two part chemical clean of the filter, without removing it from the car. We then perform a regeneration and reset of all sensors to factory default settings, this is totally safe and legal and is the best value for money to help protect your expensive DPF.

We recommend doing this at regular intervals as a preventative maintenance measure, possibly saving you thousands in the long-run on both filter replacement and fuel consumption. It is recommended that this is done annually, ideally before your vehicle requires its next MOT.

You can no longer remove the DPF or do a DPF delete, this is now illegal & will result in your vehicle failing its next MOT.

There's also no need to replace the filter, as in most cases we can recover them back to good if not perfect working condition.

“ Don’t wait until it is too late! “

You can now enjoy an improved vehicle for very little cost!

Cars, Vans & 4x4’s – Around 1 Hour £160

Tractors – Call for details

Trucks / Buses – Call for details

All Prices Include VAT.

Call for a quote today.

TEL: 01463 490089

DPF Filter

Reducing carbon build up in engines, lowering emissions & reducing costly repairs.

Download our DPF Filters doc. & see the new MOT standards for 2018


Get our DPF brochure here

"Get Your DPF, Cleaned today"

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