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Hydrogen On Demand Kits

Our Hydrogen on Demand System. Improves performance and fuel economy.

We supply and fit Hydrogen on Demand Systems, all designed and made in Scotland by Engine Carbon Solutions for petrol and diesel engines. This increases the combustion burn efficiency, reduces carbon build up, and in most cases improves MPG, It’s also designed to reduce emissions all with noticeable an improvement in torque, reducing some of the damage relating to carbon build up in internal combustion engines.  


These systems can be removed and refitted when changing your vehicle with only the removal and refitting costs or you can easily do it yourself. Easy to maintain and simple to use. Diesel vehicles fitted with (Diesel Particulate Filters) or DPF get less carbon build up and this has been tested on our vehicles for nearly 180,000 miles.

Call us and speak to our experts TEL: 01463 490089

You can now enjoy an improved vehicle for very little cost!

All Prices Include VAT.

Call for a quote today.

TEL: +44 (0)1463 490089

Hydrogen on Demand Kit

Reducing carbon build up in engines, lowering emissions & reducing costly repairs.

All designed and manufactured in the UK.

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